Catherine Weaver
Shirley Manson as Catherine Weaver
First Appearance "Samson and Delilah"
Final Appearance {{{final appearance}}}
Alias Bradbury
"Bar Skank"
Detective Kaplan
Metal lady
Metal bitch
Summer Goodnow
Race Gynoid (Mimetic Poly Alloy: MPA, Zeira RF.)
Gender Female
Status Alive
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Nationality {{{nationality}}}
Date of Birth Not sure(maybe 2027)
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Occupation CEO of Zeira Corporation
Second in command of Zeira RF.
Family John Henry(son)
Savannah Weaver(adopted daughter)
T-Charley Dixon(son)
T-Michelle Dixon(daughter)
Significant Others James Ellison(loyal employee, right hand)
Matt Murch(loyal employee, left hand)
Special things




Mimetic poly alloy
Internal weapons suite (melee)
Image splitting


Catherine Weaver


Liquid Nitrogen,
Temperatures in excess of 1535 degrees Celsius,
Magnetic Fields

"The feeling's mutual"

- Catherine Weaver


"Catherine Weaver" is a mysterious Terminator traveled from the future, seemingly as part of an infiltration mission to build an artificial intelligence to fight Skynet. Catherine is a T-1001 who has assumed control of technology company Zeira Corporation and is the recipient of the Turk.

Before TRFCEdit

The T-1001 is intensely protective of her "son", John Henry. She will do anything to protect him, including disregard the safety of her "daughter", Savannah Weaver. She also murdered several humans to ensure John Henry's existence was a secret. Weaver has not been adept at mimicking human emotions. Like other Terminators, it has been unable to produce convincing smiles, such as the photo shoot, or relate to people, such as commenting about butcher's paper, despite being more advanced than the T-1000, which seemed to be better at social interaction. However, she was able to successfully lead a company and use literary allegories. Like Cromartie, Catherine Weaver seems to express a slight sense of humor. This is displayed when she terminates Justin Tuck and, later, Mr. Nelson.

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit


- Catherine Weaver and James Ellison

- Catherine Weaver and John Henry

- Catherine Weaver and Matt Murch

- Catherine Weaver and Savannah Weaver

- Catherine Weaver and Stefan/E. Boykins


Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesEdit

Season 2Edit

"Samson & Delilah" (First appearance)
"Automatic for the People"
"The Mousetrap"
"Allison from Palmdale"
"Goodbye to All That"
"The Tower Is Tall But the Fall Is Short"
"Brothers of Nablus"
"Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point"
"Earthlings Welcome Here"
"The Good Wound"
"Desert Cantos"
"Today Is The Day, Part 1"
"Today Is The Day, Part 2"
"To the Lighthouse"
"Adam Raised a Cain"
"Born to Run"

Terminator: The Resistance Fighters ChroniclesEdit

Season 3Edit

"New hope coming"
"A friend in need is a friend indeed"
"Ghost Whisperer"
"Kiss of Death"