Emma Akagi
Hex-core CPU for Emma Akagi
First Appearance "Tɯ̄ː:antōn"
Final Appearance {{{final appearance}}}
Alias Emma Henry
Race AI (based on T-950)
Gender Female
Status Alive
Religion Buddhism
Nationality Thai(former)
Date of Birth August, 2009
Marriage Status Married (with John Henry in special case)
Occupation World protector
Technology adviser
Family Xander Akagi(adopted son)
Significant Others Monica Serepec(T-950-body owner)
John Henry(idol)
Prof. Dr. Maniduang Pichitchai(CPU owner, developer)
Special things


Simulate Motion Picture(former)


High-tech hex-core CPU(former)
TOK-725 Neural net CPU


Emma Akagi(former)
Monica Serepec(current)


Wires can be changed
Wireless control
Satellite control
Expanding the network
Network management


Low-limit memory system


Animals lover

"Human soul is like the most intelligence software. The system can control the body so easily."

- Emma Akagi


Emma Akagi is an artificial intelligence, built with the high-tech hex-core CPU and a super mainframe as its basises by the Dakara System and the parent company, Psytect Corporation. It is named by Xander. Emma Akagi is the name of Xander's mother who died in an automobile accident in 1984. Emma continued all John Henry's work, fighting against Skynet. She interested in human soul and the nature of lives. She tried to find many ways to save many lives she loved, tried and failed. However, she survived from J-Day and was able to cut resurrection for Warapop Pichitchai/Enigma Boykins.

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit


- Emma Akagi and John Henry

- General Pichitchai and Emma Akagi

- Xander Akagi and Emma Akagi

- Emma Akagi and Stefan/E. Boykins


Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesEdit

Season 2Edit

"Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point" (mentioned only)

Terminator: The Resistance Fighters ChroniclesEdit

Season 3Edit

"New hope coming" (mentioned only)
"A friend in need is a friend indeed"
"Ghost Whisperer"(first appearance in Monica's body)
"Carrots and Apples"
"Strongest power"
"Kiss of Death" (first appearance in Lampage's Neural Net CPU)

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