Father Armando Bonilla
Carlos Sanz as Father Armando Bonilla
First Appearance "Samson and Delilah"
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Alias The priest
Race Human
Gender Male
Status Alive
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Occupation Minister
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"The Devil. Something opposes God. Something tempts man into sin."

- Father Armando Bonilla

Father Armando Bonilla is a priest who sometimes helped Sarah Connor and John Connor.

TSCC StoryEdit

Father Bonilla was the priest at the church where Sarah and John shocked Cameron with a clock radio. "Samson & Delilah"

Later, Sarah asked Father Bonilla to visit her at the jail where she was imprisoned. He relayed a message to a mutual contact, Chola(aka Semina Cruel). He later visited Sarah at the jail to relay a message back from John, to let Sarah know that they were coming. He was locked in the jail cell with Sarah when John and Cameron began their attack until John Henry unlocked the cell by hacking into the security system of the prison. "Born to Run"

TRFC StoryEdit

By an unknown reason, he was targeted by Skynet. He was helped and survived through J-Day.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesEdit

Season 2Edit

"Samson & Delilah"
"Born to Run"

Terminator The Resistance Fighters ChroniclesEdit

Season 3Edit