General Justin Perry
Peter Mensah as General Justin Perry
First Appearance "Dungeons & Dragons"
Final Appearance "Epoch"
Alias Perry
Race Human (Tech-Com)
Gender Male
Status Deceased
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Occupation Soldier
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Significant Others General Anongsak Pichitchai
Lieutenant General Jennifer
Major General Edword Sanctum
Rear Admiral Lampage Moore
Brigadier General Jasper
(all are his good friend)
General Justin Perry or Perry was the leader of the resistance in Los Angeles. He commanded both Tech-Com and 132nd Division in the war against machines from 2013 to 2027. He was killed by Skynet TOK that was modeled after his co-leader, Colonel Martin Bedell, on about November 12, 2027. However, he did many things John Connor always did in previous futures. It's because of John's disappearance in 2009, this made him rise up the resistance with Martin Bedell.

Previous FutureEdit

Perry is a Resistance commander of the 132nd Division, Special Operations Capable. He approved and showed enthusiasm for the reprogramming of Terminators to assist and aid Resistance forces fighting Skynet in battles that could not be won without such measures. He is familiar with both Kyle Reese and Derek Reese. He also claimed that John Connor had no friends.

He is assigned and most likely in command of Seranno Point Nuclear Power Plant in 2027. After learning of a chemical-biological attack by Skynet on Eagle Rock bunker, he is prepared to send a reprogrammed T-888 to retrieve the lone survivor. Instead he is convinced to send Lieutenant Derek Reese on a solo operation. He is there in Hazmat gear to see Derek Reese return with Sydney Fields and fellow Resistance fighter Jesse Flores.

TRFC StoryEdit



Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesEdit

Season 1Edit

"Dungeons & Dragons"

Season 2Edit

"Alpine Fields"

Terminator The Resistance Fighters ChroniclesEdit

Season 3Edit

"Ghost Whisperer"
"Carrots and Apples"
"Strongest power"
"Epoch" (Final Appearance)