Nevlin Glau
First Appearance New Hope Coming
Final Appearance {{{final appearance}}}
Alias Porsade Morris
Race Cyborg (T-888)
Gender Male
Status Alive
Religion Buddhist
Nationality American(former)
Date of Birth July 2027
Marriage Status Single
Occupation Protector
Ranking Soldier
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Significant Others Allison Pichitchai(Master)
Warapop Pichitchai(Master)
John Connor(Reprogrammer)
Nevlin Glau is the John's first reprogrammed T-888 cyborg in the timeline where John and Catherine Weaver appeared again. This cyborg has a long story with the Pichitchai couple and his relation with Allison and Stefan/E. Boykins is so close, closer than John who reprogrammed him. His learning is very open and his fighting skill is as good as Cameron. His legend would start in the Utopia future as the future leader of the resistance who would lead survivors fighting against the Hypnos and the new tyrant of the world who is the T-2000 named Jupiter Godon. After his loss of his most friends, he continued his New TDE project with some scientist before he sent Maggie Moon and Stefan Jr back from 2080 to 2030 to tell and complete the plan to stop Skynet. His relation with the Connors and the Pichitchais in the 2080 future is like their uncle. However, he was the last T-888 cyborg who survived after stopping Skynet and continued his life as a babysitter and secret scientist to the project which belong to the Pichitchais in another timeline where everyone can survive through J-Day.