Fan-made season 4

First Draft Originally Uploaded

May, 2012

Final Draft Originally Uploaded


First Draft Original Upload Site


Stefan1994 (writer)
eyeshieldTe (co-writer)
Snow Bell(proofreader)

Original Run

May, 2012 - December, 2012


Main Characters:Edit

- Gen. John Connor

- Maj. Gen. Cameron Connor (TOK-715)

- Gen. Warapop Pichitchai (aka Enigma Boykins: "E. Boykins")

- Lt. Gen. Allison Pichitchai

- John Henry (base on T-888)

- Emma Akagi/Henry (base on T-950)

- Catherine Weaver (T-1001)

- Jack Van Meter

- Skynet

- Savannah Weaver/Wyman

- Patrick Wyman

- Colonel Preecha Singhmak

- Micky Sarkissian

Recurring Characters:Edit

- Sarah Connor

- Justin Tuck (TOK)

- Debbie (TOK)

- Dr. Boyd Sherman (TOK)

- Maj. Kyle Reese

- Matt Murch

- Semina Cruel

- James Ellison

- Father Armando Bonilla

- Lim Chin

- Oliver Weaver (T-1001)

- Emily (T-1000)

- Donald (T-1000)

- Maj. Gen. Edword Sanctum

- Dr. Felicia Burnett M.D.

- Lt. Gen. Jennifer

- Brig. Gen. Jasper

- Maj. Derek Thomas Reese

- Commodore Jesse Flores

- Lampage Moore (TOK-715)

- Col. Wang Pichao

- Col. Kim Youngchun

- Col. Hikaru Chintai

- Col. Babasahep Enva Inbedga

- Marcus Young

- Ginyu Brooks

- Wallace Victor

- Former Governor Mark Wyman

- Simson Wyman

- Dr. Wells Herbert Sc.D.

Episode ListEdit

1. Devil and Dust.

2. The Soul is in the Software.

3. Darkness in the edge of Town.

4. The Road through the Forest

5. All the way home

6. Jesus Was An Only Son

7. Daku Angulimala

8. Ragnarok

9. The Fate We Make

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