T-700 endoskeleton concept (credit: Nanomachines)

The Series 700 Terminator is a Terminator series which served as the stepping stone between the Series 600 and Series 800 Terminator.

Like the Series 600, the T-700 was capable of repairing itself and could function with severe damage to its structure in order to complete its objectives.

Also like T-600, T-700 was covered with some kind of rubberskin. This model was upgraded just its endoskeleton. This model endoskeleton was created from coltan like T-8xx and T-9xx series.


In TRFC story, it was mentioned as a terminator what was made of coltan endoskeleton covered with rubberskin.

T-700 prototype was created in one of Skynet big factories that located in Palmdale, LA, United State of America.

However, the factory, the data, and the prototype were completely deleted and destroyed by Warapop Pichitchai ,his girlfriend name Allison Young, and their Palmdale resistance force in the year 2025.


Terminator The Resistance Fighters ChroniclesEdit

Season 3Edit

- A friend in need is a friend indeed. (mentioned only)


In TRFC, the T-700 was produced after the T-800s and T-RIP are completely produced for daily used by Skynet. It might mean that this T-700 was produced just for active duty and/or for just upgraded the rubberskin to be stronger from inside. Maybe this model is just a test for coltan endoskeleton covered with rubberskin.