The Zeira Models terminators series or T-ZM is a set of terminator models which was/would be developed and built by Zeira Resistance Fighters. The endoskeletons look similar to Skynet terminator models but they are designed especially for faster movement and more intelligent.

T-ZM1 seriesEdit

The first version of T-ZM series, T-ZM1, is designed to terminate the triple eight more easily. Their eyes are blue from design and structure. Their chip looks like T-888's. The endoskeleton is made of coltan. They have never worked for Skynet, that must be why humans can trust them and give them important mission. However, T-ZM1 can fight against T-900 too.

T-ZM2 seriesEdit


T-ZM3 seriesEdit


T-ZM4 seriesEdit

This is the model for ZM series in the utopia future. The endoskeleton and chip may be smarter and work in high quality. We know one of them in the story, T-Sonya, who is a teacher in the utopia international school. The story explained that T-ZM4 can be pregnant and have a sexual intercourse with humans. The concept for this model is still unclear.

T-ZM5 seriesEdit

By the discuss about the new model, this explained the less concept for this model. T-ZM5 is like TX from the concept:

"A solid endoskeleton covered with liquid metal "mimetic polyalloy". The solid endo is made from tungsten carbide. Older models have just cybernetic organisms-living tissue over a hyperalloy endoskeleton."

- Thai girl