Terminator : The Across Time Chronicles is a fan created script series that continues the story of the tv series, Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles and another fan made series known as Terminator : The Resistance Fighters Chronicles. The series was developed by amateur fan writer alias "Stefan1994". The episodes are produced in screenplay(script) format and will be uploaded onto the ""(for unspecified draft) and "" (for final draft).

The fan made fifth season will be started on December 20, 2012, one day before Judgement Day in belief of Mayan prediction. And the second episode will be uploaded on December 25, 2012 as an aniversary celebration gift to the fans who have kept reading this story and its other spin-off stories. And as before, the first three episodes will be uploaded before new year day.

Main CharactersEdit

- John Connor

- Cameron Connor

- Sarah Connor

- Kyle Reese

- Allison Pichitchai

- Warapop Pichitchai (Stefan aka E. Boykins)

- Marcus Young

- Nevlin Glau

- President Savannah Wyman

- Patrick Wyman

- John Henry

- Emma "Lucy Ann" Henry

- Catherine Weaver


Fan made season 5Edit

EP01 : "Same where, different when"

EP02 : "Barsoom"

EP03 : ""

EP04 : ""

EP05 : ""

EP06 : ""

EP07 : ""

EP08 : ""

EP09 : ""

EP10 : ""