Terminator The Resistance Fighters Chronicles

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Science-Drama-Fan Fiction

Executive Producer(s)

Snow Bell(proofreader)

Main Characters

John Connor
Sarah Connor
Cameron Phillips/Connor
Warapop Pichitchai
Allison Young/Pichitchai
Emma Akagi
John Henry
Catherine Weaver

Original Run

December 25, 2011 - 2013

No. of seasons


Terminator : The Resistance Fighters Chronicles is a fan created script series that continues the story of the tv series. The series was developed by amateur fan writers, Stefan1994(F03, F04 only) and eyeshieldTe(F04 only). The episodes are produced in screenplay(script) format and are uploaded onto the ""(for unspecified draft) and "" (for final draft).

The fan-made third season began uploading on December 25th 2011 as a christmas gift to the fans who like it. After eight episodes the series went on hiatus, it returned for the nineth episode on March 21st 2012.

Main CharactersEdit

- John Connor(Season 1-4)

- Sarah Connor(Season 1-3, Recurring Season 4)

- Cameron Phillips/Connor(Season 1-4)

- Allison Young/Pichitchai(Minor Season 2, Season 3-4)

- Warapop Pichitchai(Unseen engineer in "S01EP01 : Pilot", Season 3-4)

- John Henry(Season 2-4, as Cromatie in Season 1-2)

- Emma Akagi(Unseen AI in "S02EP10 : Strange thing that happen at one, two points", Season 3-4)

- Catherine Weaver(Season 2-4)

- Lampage Moore(Season 3, recurring Season 4)


The Resistance Fighters Chronicles was first announce on August 11th, 2011 with an old version of the series name "Terminator:Legend of the Connors(T:LOTC)". However, the LOTC story was good but it ran into a dead end and was completely canceled on October 29th, 2011. From those reviews, many fans said that the story was good. During the worst flood in Thailand, the executive producer, Master_Film(former pen name of Stefan1994), decided to create the better one. Master_Film started the first draft for the first episode on December 21st, 2011. The first three episodes were uploaded in the same week as a christmas gift and the new years gifts. After the fifth episode was uploaded, Master_Film changed his pen name to be Stefan1994.


Fan-made Season 3Edit

Episode 1 : New Hope coming

Episode 2 : Tɯ̄ːantōn

Episode 3 : A friend in need is a friend indeed

Episode 4 : Ghost Whisperer

Episode 5 : Carrots and Apples

Episode 6 : Strongest Power

Episode 7 : Resurrection

Episode 8 : Epoch

Episode 9 : Kiss of Death

Episode 10 : TBA

Episode 11 : TBA

Episode 12 : TBA

Episode 13 : TBA

Fan-made Season 4Edit

To be announce...

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