Namsai the photographerEdit

Namsai is just an alias of a photographer who took a photograph of Ms. X when she got out from Santika Club Nightclub during the fire occurance on January 1st, 2009. Who Namsai is, what Namsai is. Maybe Namsai is an alias of Pookey because most of Pookey's photographs were from Namsai. But there was no clear exhibit that could tell us who Namsai indeed is.

Vegger YoungEdit

Vegger Young is one of Allison's adopted German Shepherds. He was killed by Nevlin during Nevlin's infiltration.

Luny YoungEdit

Luny Young is one of Allison's adopted German Shepherds. He was killed by Nevlin during Nevlin's infiltration.

Cpl. Peter MorrisEdit

Cpl. Peter Morris is a dead corporal served under Perry. He was killed by Nevlin. His face is never explained in the story but we know who he is, from Nevlin's introduction.

Thai Police Sergeant Somsak SaalimEdit

Somsak Saalim is a friend to Komsan Arun and a police sergeant served under BPD. He's the first one who found Komsan's dead body inside Komsan's house.

The King of Thailand.Edit

Go to the link below. We can't explain anything about His Majesty here. If you wanna know about the king of Thailand, please go to the link below:

Arnold WymanEdit

Arnold Wyman is a brother to Mark Wyman, the Governor of California in the story. Arnold is dead. Maybe he was killed by Kaliba thugs. Or maybe Jack Van Meter. However, the story didn't tell much about this guy.

Note: "Arnold Wyman" is named after the first name of the Governor of California in the real world, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who took the role of T-800 in T1, T2 and T3.

Cpl. Porsade MorrisEdit

Cpl. Porsade Morris is a corporal served under Perry and a brother of Peter Morris. They both were killed by Nevlin during his infiltration. Then Nevlin used his name to introduce to Derek and Kyle, made them to think that he was a member of the resistance. However, the story didn't explain anything more about him.

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